Friday, September 11, 2009

More Than 60 Seconds

Today is all about reflections, remembrances... and of course, that moment of silence (can anyone tell me why just a moment, as I've been wondering since 8:46am EST).

It's been a fittingly grey and somber morning here in the DC-area - if I have my way, though, before this day has ended, the umbrellas will have disappeared and a bit of sunshine will poke her head through the thick cloud-cover. How's that for a metaphor (grammar snobs - forgive me if that's not a real metaphor) - not to mention, some good ole' fashioned optimism?!

Along with the rest of the free world, today brought with it a flood of memories for me. Where I was at the time and how I learned about all that had just happened that would change our world, more than we could ever comprehend, or possibly imagine. No, it's not just on this date in September that I relive those events, but today it can't be helped.

And so here we are - another year "post-9/11" (disappointing and strange all at once, to me, that this is now how we mark time) has come and gone. I'm constantly struck by how much even my little insignificant life has changed in these past eight years. So while I don't want to give 9/11 all the credit (ah-hem, perhaps I'm just getting older - nah - and wiser - double-nah), one of the major changes in my life for the better is that I try (and fail miserably, but oh a valiant effort is, and will continue to be, made) to focus on what is important (like the fact that my pie crust didn't look at all like her's or that my photography skills are still, how-do-you-say, lacking?!).

All kidding aside, the events of 9/11 eight short years ago have forever changed us all - it's easy to see how much harder, or maybe just different, life is - but perhaps a better use of our time would be to see all of that we have to be thankful for and (try and) concentrate on what really matters... hopefully, not just for one short moment each year.

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