Sunday, January 27, 2008


Back around Christmas time, my boss mistakenly treated us to some (just may have been more than one!) of the absolute best cookies I've ever tasted. About a month later, I started dreaming about these ginger cookies so off I went to try and find a similar-sounding recipe in the hopes of re-creating the taste and experience of these cookies.

I found something that sounded like it had a chance (though I should have known these weren't the same when the recipe called for the balls of dough to be rolled in sugar before baking) on I haven't always had tons of success with but I figured it was worth a try - plus, this one was rated 5-stars across the board.

Let me preface my reaction with the admission that I am 100% spoiled - unless one day I take possession of the "original" recipe, I don't know that any cookie or recipe will ever measure up. But with that said, these cookies were actually really good. And yes - they truly are (like the recipe states) - big, soft ginger cookies. I also liked that they are almost perfectly round, but I was sad when the cookie that had been nice and fluffy-looking right from the oven flattened out. So my search for the real thing will continue.

I have since been back on and found another soft ginger cookie recipe that got even more enthusiastic reviews, so I may continue "the quest" with that second recipe.

*Update - bosswoman Sara is going to get me the recipe for the "real thing"!! I suspect she might have some personal interest in doing so but regardless, the recipe will soon be mine! Stay tuned!!


  1. Sounds intriguing...the mystery of the ginger cookie! Let me know how they turn out...and if you are willing, pass on the recipe. My mister man is becoming quite helpful in the kitchen these days so we always need new recipes to bake up together!
    Wishing you well!

  2. I have a recipe for ginger cookies on my blog, too. I got it from Mary of ... I can't remember her blog's name! But they're FABULOUS. Brad does, however, prefer them if I leave out the powdered ginger. Ha.

  3. Made these this weekend and they were GREAT!


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