Sunday, February 03, 2008

All This Time?

What does it say about your life when the most exciting event of the weekend is a trip to a grocery store.

But... this was no ordinary grocery store (though even visits to the "lessers" are exciting for me), it was my inaugural visit to the grand Wegmans!! Yes yes yes, someone who likes food and cooking as much as I do hadn't been to this mecca until yesterday.

It's official, too, that it was better that I didn't know this (see below) existed. (yes, I was the huge dork in the grocery store taking pictures and almost totally alienated my friends ) I have been assured (and I unprofessionally verified this to a certain extent) that the prices of the everyday items are very VERY reasonable, so there was no risk there... but when the first thing you see are the beautiful aisles of fresh meats and baked goods ready for my taking, it's just TOO tempting. For instance, who knew that I 'needed' flank steak rolled with layers of soft garlicky cheeses?!

My take on the whole experience? I used it as an opportunity to get new ideas... fresh salmon topped with a touch of soft cheese and sliced almonds, pounded chicken breasts rolled with fresh spinach, chopped tomatoes, and salty parm? Coming right up!

As if a visit to Wegmans wasn't enough... our hosts (Christina) Domazos and her fiance, Lee, then took us to their local Chocolate Lovers Festival! Who knew this annual event even existed just down the road in Old Town Fairfax?

We spent a great hour or two milling through the Old Town Hall making tough decisions on what we would purchase with our pogs (you have to go next year to find out what those are). Chris and I ended up with some peanut butter melt-aways, chocolate-covered graham crackers and marshmallows, 5 tastes of different flavors of fudge (including keylime - so yummy!), and he savored a cup of mint chocolate chip ice cream from Sweet Life Cafe!

The rest of the afternoon was much less fun... it was spent going between a number of different households either picking up or delivering furniture as we are in the home stretch of selling one house, and combining things in my condo with everything else in our new home! 4 weeks and counting!


  1. Oh, I love Wegmans! When we lived in Erie, PA I went to Wegmans all the time!!! If you can find it at Wegmans, definitely try the peach tea (sold in 1 liter bottles) in the Italian section. The bottle will be written in Italian-the brand name is slipping my mind at this moment. My sister and I had it when we were in Italy and it is amazing - tastes like a real peach with a hint of tea! I hope that your Wegmans carries it! I hope that someday we will have a Wegmans in Pittsburgh... a girl can dream, can't she...

  2. I've never been to one, but it looks like I'll have to soon!

    Four weeks ... wow! I know you're excited. I can't wait to see pics!

  3. It seems only fitting that you have a blog dedicated to the wonderful world of Wegmens, when I frantically searched through 3 supermarkets yesterday for a can cream of chicken soup...not quite such a staple in the rest of the world my friend! Luckily my idea to thicken up some mushroom soup with flour did the trick and my dinner party was a success - phew! Sounds like a great afternoon in Fairfax!


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