Monday, March 31, 2008

Welcome Home!

Seems we can't escape the "home" topic... but thankfully, this time we're not talking about ours (though maybe we should be spending more time in/on it).

Last night, Chris and I met his dad at the new Nationals' stadium for the pre-home opener exhibition between the Nats and our neighboring (notice I didn't say 'neighborly') rivals, the Baltimore Orioles.

It was a fun (even if chilly) evening spent exploring the new ballpark (and watching the Nats beat the O's) - the consensus was that there are a number of fantastic (i.e. tasty) vendors such as Five Guys, Ben's Chili Bowl, Boardwalk Fries, and Red, Hot, and Blue... but they are all over-priced - though, I contended that it wouldn't be a Major League Baseball park without the inflated prices that, for one thing or another, we all end up succumbing to pay... hey, it's our national past-time, right?

Let's hope the Nats can keep up this (very short... and rare) streak - but either way, we'll keep filling the seats at our city's new park!

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