Thursday, April 03, 2008

BG Hurst!!*

No no no... that's not her name... though, you might be asking just what IS her name? For the moment, I like to refer to this beautiful little miracle of life as BG Hurst (though check back for updates once her parents decide to name her).

*4/4 UPDATE - this precious baby has been named! Ashley Grace Hurst!

All that nonsense about the baby's name aside... Brad and Megan Hurst became the proud parents of a precious little girl at approximately 10:29am this morning. She was just over a week early (and surprised us all!) but weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds 14 ounces and 20.5 inches long!

Mom, dad and baby are all doing really well (not surprisingly) - and being such the troopers to welcome casts of characters in to visit them and their newest bundle of joy. After anxiously waiting at work all day, I raced to the hospital this evening and spent some quality time with the new parents, new grandparents, and our littlest BG.

A couple of my personal observations after spending a few hours with the happy family - (a) Megan and Brad are going to be incredible parents, and (b) if you haven't had the opportunity to visit a friend in the hospital the day or two around when they just delivered their baby, you are seriously missing out!!

Congrats, Megan, Brad, and BG Hurst!

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  1. Cute! Makes me drool. I grew up with a guy named Ashley Hurst! So, when are you joining in on all our fun?! I have to ask. You're married now. ;)


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