Thursday, February 11, 2010

Change Your World

I'm here (hi there!) with a trick that is certain to blow your minds. Really. I even hesitate to post this knowing how it's sure to revolutionize kitchens across the globe.

It's the secret to my sanity... well, that is, aside from our freshly painted and organized closet. Honestly, though, without this little plate of magic, my time in the kitchen would undoubtedly be less enjoyable.

Before I dazzle you and earn years of your devotion, I must give credit where it is due. Yup - you guessed it, this comes straight to you (via me) from the sparkling clean kitchen of my mom (sorry dad, you had your day in the sun (though surely more to come)... what would I, er - the snow, do without your table?)

You see... I am one of those clean-as-you-go types. But in the unusual event that I either can't immediately clean the utensil that I just dirtied or it's just impractical to do so (i.e. I'm about to use it again), I use said magic plate. Note: your impression of how magical this plate might be is admittedly subject to your own opinion It couldn't be easier. The only catch is that you remember your plate before you dive into your recipe (otherwise your sticky hands inevitably defeat the whole purpose).

I've found it's best laid as close to your primary work-surface as possible but that can be adjusted to how you move around your kitchen. Then get started... as you work, any utensil, measuring cup or spoon, spatula, is quickly placed on your plate in between uses. This allows for easier-than-you-can imagine access and re-use as well as a spotless countertop (at that you hear an audible sigh from this gal).

This same method can also be used to "catch" pesky coffee/tea stir spoons.
*How's that for a 2-for-1* Simply place your cutest saucer or salad plate next to your hot beverage set-up with a clean spoon (or two) resting on it et voila, presto clean counter and obvious real estate for those used stirs.

How do you keep your sanity while cooking and baking? Am I the only one who enters the kitchen with (an embarrassingly detailed) strategic plan?

And with that, I promise to turn it back to edible treats from this kitchen, not just the tools I use to make them.


  1. Great tip! I have little dishes near my stove/coffee pot where I put coffee spoons, wooden spoons, spatulas, etc. And then, my favorite, the "garbage" bowl a la Rachel Ray :-)

  2. * Butter out the night before I plan to bake so I know it's room temp.
    * Mis en place before I begin all the fun stuff.
    * Sink of hot, soapy water to throw everything in as I use it because, like you, I'm a clean-as-I-goer!

    Of course these days I'm not doing much baking. Sigh. Did you get my emails? In a few weeks maybe I'll know more at work!

  3. The frosting is great! It's very similar to what my grandmother always put on her Devil's Food cakes. It's similar to seven-minute, but easier.


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