Saturday, February 06, 2010

Just Warm Enough

Have you heard? It's snowing here. A lot. And there's more coming shortly following this bunch. I'm more than happy, inside with this girl (who'd rather be outside) tucked in between us, acting as our economical and energy-efficient heat blanket.

This has almost nothing to do with what was on my mind, food-wise, today. But I thought you should be aware of the circumstances that we're dealing with here.

The last time I thought about (read: craved and subsequently proclaimed that it would be ours) this spinach quiche the view out our windows was quite a bit more colorful. And the only thing falling from the sky was a rainbow of leaves, lightly floating their way down; and while the current snowflakes descend just as peacefully, they certainly make quite a bit more of an impact.

And thus for no logical reason, as the piles of white grew higher and higher this morning, I fell deeper in denial that it would actually paralyze our city. So in an effort to not give in to every predictable freezing-weather comfort foods, this quiche popped into my head.

I can not tell a lie, however. This not-too-creamy (allowing the spinach to shine through) but just-the-right-amount of cheesy quiche (encased by a perfectly buttery crust) sadly wasn't what we consumed today. With almost two feet of snow on the ground, my sedan wasn't about to get me to the (in all probability closed) grocery store.

But the memory of it (effortless preparation, economic ingredients, three cheeses blended seamlessly with dark green spinach, sophisticated presentation) was enough to keep me warm - mind you, not paralyzed-by-the-snow warm, but comfortable enough.

*I should mention that this pie crust recipe is the first one I can claim as 100% fool-proof. And, lucky us, it makes enough for two quiches/pies (you get the idea) and stores perfectly in the freezer so you can bet I'll be pulling the second out for round two in a matter of days.


  1. I could tell just from looking at it that this was the Smitten Kitchen spinach quiche! I definitely wish that I was able to get to the store so I could make this now. I've only made it once before but it was delicious.

  2. That's my FAVE crust recipe evaaaar.

    So sorry you guys have been inundated with the white stuff. I can't even imagine what that's like. I complained about a measly 7 inches! Stay warm!

  3. Oh the quiche looks amazing! Michigan is finally getting some snow too!


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