Thursday, April 29, 2010

Accepting the Past

Recipe: Jamie's Breakfast Casserole with Ham and Cheese

Truth be told... I saw this going differently.

It's just that you might say I grew up on eggs. And not in the sense of living in the country, gathering your own farm-fresh eggs every morning... but moreso that they were so cheap, we turned them into breakfast, lunch, and dinner (which, I must admit, mom, I completely get it now, being one of those crazy adults who has a grocery budget of her own, etc.). It seemed like not a week went by where eggs didn't star in something on our menu - ranging from fried egg and ham sandwiches, to scrambled eggs and hash (out of a can!), and at its height, scrambled eggs with chili on top (which got a family's worth of raised eyebrows... only to be forgotten with the first bite).

Yes, I did just say "hash (out of a can!)" but make no mistake, my mom spent considerable amounts of time in the kitchen preparing healthy, well-rounded meals, for us, every night of the week, and she also made sure that in the midst of everything else, we prioritized eating together as a family. Or should I say... eating eggs together as a family.

So as fate would have it, nowadays, not only do eggs play a prominent role in my own weekly menu (with special thanks to a just-as-cheap-as-me husband who loves breakfast anytime of the day), but I actually like and even crave them (it's true).

To say this Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole* was a no-brainer is stating the obvious. Cheese? Breakfast meat? And, eggs?! Yes, please. And if I hadn't had a great reason to serve it at brunch, you can bet it'd have been right at home on our any-night-of-the-week dinner menu.

So I guess I owe a(nother) thank you to my mother-so-dearest...without whom I would never have known the joy of eggs, or how many different ways you can serve them.

*I substituted smoked Kielbasa for the ham and used our favorite cheesy bread to up the cheesiness.


  1. It was so very good. Glad you posted it! We love breakfast for dinner around here, and that's exactly where this dish will make an appearance!


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