Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Feasting at the (Cherry) Blossoms

Cherry (and one Apple) Blossoms 2010... as told through only (my unprofessional - seriously, look at some of these) pictures... (meaning I have to keep my mouth shut)

Oh, fine... for clarity's sake, I must interject. One thing my semi-silence doesn't mean is that I think my pictures are good enough to stand on their own... moreso that the beauty of these gorgeous trees (and their associated flowers) should not be tainted by my ramblings.

And lastly... (as if you expected me to stay quiet) I feel this final picture warrants some explanation.

On the second of my two lovely lunches spent down by the Cherry Blossoms, we had delicious, traditional Japanese picnic food - which I was told, is the only appropriate way to have a hanami, the Japanese word for "flower viewing". Two different varieties of freshly homemade onigiri (or "rice balls") - filled with either mackerel or pickled plum, and a hard-boiled egg!

I feel compelled to say that the Japanese have a good thing going... I couldn't have been more content as we feasted on both the views that their trees provide as well as their tasty snacks.


  1. That onigiri looks delightful! Looks like you had perfect weather to enjoy your hanami. Spring is so refreshing!

  2. These photos are gorgeous. I hope you frame them! Believe me: No one will ask if a "Friend" took them. :) They rock.

  3. LOVE the pictures! love the ducky one and the pink blossoms up close with the little green leaves! good work!


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