Monday, May 24, 2010

Why I Smile

I may not have this life thing down just yet (or plans to really get it anytime soon) but one thing is for certain... these two and a half (for now, Sarah Taylor only gets half-billing) little creatures that I keep close by (though not close enough) are a sure antidote to anything that's got me down.

Lucky for you... as I'm of course happy to share them (read: force numerous pictures of them on you), we've got plenty to go around. And what I've got in store for you may or may not include one or more pictures of my adorable niece's perfectly chubby little legs stuffed in her just like my big brother's boots.

Even though ole' Michelin-legs McGee wasn't altogether thrilled with her usually hands-free (and able to toss her in the air at-will) Aunt Kiki, I'm quite confident that one day, she will thank me for these pictures... and the kind words said about them. Her sister, on the other hand, was more than happy to let me run around snapping pictures furiously - not that she was the wiser for it. But I've seen how fast these kids grow so I knew better than to let an opportunity with a quiet, still baby (or adorably pudgy legs, for that matter) pass me by.

In the world of Charlie, post-baby sister #2, he's stepped into the big-big brother role quite nicely. He's quick to tell momma when either of his sisters are crying or seem to need something (and especially if they are too little to be playing with any of his toys) and then head on his merry way to the closest John Deere-like piece of machinery or Playmobil set. And if a Sophie, or Nana or Grandad are close by, all the better.

If there's one person in all of this who does get it, well, that'd be our big-cheeked Sarah Taylor. Someone must have given her a heads-up that she was arriving as the third child in an already active (we'll call it) household. While Caroline chases after her big brother, leaving no stone unturned, the baby in residence ingeniously takes every chance she gets to catch some shut-eye - in the teeny tiny mind of a 4-week old, she's got it all figured out.

I imagine her time will come - and I can't wait to be there to (make a poor attempt to) capture yet another reason to make you smile.


  1. Lovely pictures as always...and what a proud auntie you are! :)
    Did want to let you know, I'm in the wedding of a dear old friend on June 5th in Virginia. We'll be staying in Fairfax, and I noticed on the way back from her shower this past weekend an exit sign for Falls Church, which of course has me thinking we might wind up close to you! We're headed down early in the morning on the 4th and would leave again in the early evening on the 6th, but I'd love to try to meet up...after all these years! Perhaps the best bet is email: leannawellerding(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. oh, pudgy legs are CUUUUUTE! what angels! sarah sleeps with furrowed brows! too cute!

  3. Oh my goodness!!!! Those are by far some the best looking children I have EVER seen! They are certainly good reasons to smile.

  4. They're gorgeous! I love that pudgy-leg pic. The cutest ever.

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  6. Fantastic pictures!! I'm sure the fact that you have such adorable subjects makes it hard to put the camera down!


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