Monday, December 13, 2010

A New Tradition

If you've been around here longer than a day or two, you are probably expecting to hear all about another one of our family's recent weekends in Philly... watching Navy pummel (sorry to any Army fans... but it's the truth) Army for the 9th year in a row.

For the first time in ages... and I won't even attempt a quick count... no members of my family were in attendance.  No Jim's cheesesteaks (provolone, mushrooms and onions for mom and me... Cheez-Whiz and onions for Chris and dad) Friday night... no inhumanely freezing cold game Saturday... and sigh, no La Viola (weep... Carolyn, I know you feel our pain) post-game heavy Italian delicious-ness.  Aside from all the food that we (clearly) very sorely missed, I must admit within the first 5 minutes of the televised broadcast, I had commented no less than twice that perhaps this game was better watched from the comfort (read: warmth) of our own home.  The video intros were well thought-out, touching and patriotic, I could multi-task - in and out of the kitchen pulling Christmas cookies out of the oven, and did I mention, it was so warm.

Warm at gametime, I should clarify.  Where we found ourselves very early Saturday morning, however, was decidedly not warm.  I'll blame my wishy-washiness on pregnancy and hormones but in the moment, I may have even said "I'd rather be in Philly," though we all know how that would have worked out in the end.  Cold or warm, there aren't many places I would have rather been than with the other thousands of volunteers at Arlington National Cemetery, laying wreaths on around 24,000 graves of our veterans and their family members.  

Chris had read about this wonderful volunteer opportunity through our alumni group, CAN, and we jumped at the chance once we realized that for the first time in ages, we'd actually be in town on the big weekend.

Never say never, of course, but I'm tempted to declare that we've found a new tradition, even possibly in the face of missing our beloved Army-Navy... the idea of bringing our kid(s) with us, having them lay their own wreaths and explaining the sacrifice and courage that these men and women put forth for the freedoms that we enjoy each and everyday, is all but decided upon (though the jury is still out on how we will best be able to participate next year... wear the 8-month old or push him/her in the stroller?). 

**I'm not in anyway affiliated with Wreaths Across America, but just in case you are interested (there are tons of non-DC wreath laying ceremonies and donation opportunities), in helping out, click here.


  1. It's like the Easter Trifecta!

    Lisa (Sheila's friend) went too - check it out -

  2. Wow! What a beautiful and moving volunteer opportunity! I love it! Sorry you missed La Viola though. Maybe we should just take a day trip one day. =)

  3. We were wondering if you went to the game. None of us made it this year either. :( Maybe next year!


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