Wednesday, January 05, 2011

No Show

Both in an effort to (finally) get those awful pictures of me from staring back at you (and me, too!) and well, to move on... in the spirit of the new year and all... I present you with the latest in our baby adventures 'round here. 

What we have for you today is a riveting picture of two little (hopefully pudgy - or soon-to-be) feet... one flexed and one with what are sure to be the most adorable little toes curled up.  And, if you're thinking... really, you had a sonogram and chose a picture of the feet to share with us?  In fact, this is actually all we got (although our baby was kicking up a storm throughout the appointment, he/she remained face down the entire time and wouldn't budge) - so... that's all you get!

Lest you are (yaaawnnn) growing weary of all the baby talk... I can promise more and better (looking) and even tastier things... soon. Or kinda soon.


  1. So sweet! I'm so excited for you; it's such a wonderful journey to be on. Can't wait to meet that little bundle!

  2. Oh how sweet. Any sonogram picture is beautiful!!

    Sam's birthday is April 7th - it's a great day to aim for :)

  3. Anne refused to give us any glamour shots before her birthday. Always playing peekaboo in the womb. Hope you're feeling well.

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