Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Barnyard Bash

Sick of unrecognizable black and white pictures of random baby body parts?  And before that, some less than fantastic pictures of a girl documenting the sad state of her belly (although maybe good for a laugh?)?

Trust me when I say that you're not the only one(s?) ready for pictures of more than just a piece of paper with a black and white image (although for clarification's sake, I feel it necessary to say that I don't mean we are ready for the baby... au contraire).  It's just that I have pictures of faraway lands, cute kids, and even some tasty concoctions - yet week after week, I've failed to share them.  That all changes today.  

Back in (ah-hem) October, a certain (not-so) little boy turned five and the occasion was celebrated with a backyard, barnyard bash.  And a bash it was... I think I may have mentioned before that my sister-in-law doesn't hold back when it comes to her babies' birthdays - and really, can you blame her?

Aren't I nice and thoughtful, too... sharing pictures of a clear, crisp fall day when you are most certainly looking out upon a sea of white (or once-white, now gray slush).  This might also be known as my very poor excuse for being a coupla' months behind.

As is (hopefully) evident, not a single detail was left out of this birthday celebration.  The kids were decked out in barnyard-related costume, there was a pig pen, chicken coop and feeding area (not to mention a needs-no-explanation precious chickie, Miss Sarah Taylor, herself), stuffed scarecrows, hay bales as seats, more cookout fare than you can imagine to go around, and a huge cake aptly decorated with everything farm-related that one can imagine (and believe me, Charlie "imagined").

It's pretty clear that I have a lot to learn in the world of childrens' parties - as I've learned that they just don't appreciate a nice blue-cheese appetizer or pork tenderloin as much as an Oreo-crusted, barnyard-decorated, yellow sheet cake.  No one mistakes me for Martha as it is but this could take some getting used to.

So in the meanwhile (i.e. the next less than three months!!), I'm happy to sit back and watch and (try and) learn while enjoying (others'!) kids... and of course, play resident (amateur... very amateur) photographer.


  1. Such an ADORABLE party idea! You'll get to host one yourself one soon enough! :)

  2. Your SIL is the kids' party QUEEN. Seriously. I'm totally going to "borrow" some of her ideas! And don't kid yourself - I've been on the receiving end of your hostess-ness and you'll be great when it comes to your kid's parties, too!

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