Monday, May 04, 2009

I Wish It Was Sunday Again

One of the most highly anticipated afternoons of my spring has come... and gone. And my mom will tell you, when something that I really, really enjoyed has come and gone, I spend about the next week+ whining "I wish it were [enter the day/hour/minute before said event happened]".

Well, "I wish it was Sunday at 11:30am again".

Gourmet (in every sense of the word). I spent 2 hours yesterday with the Executive Chef of 2941
(along with a few other people), a restaurant just around the corner that I have been dying to go to for... well, forever.

Let's just say this was a dangerous toe-dip into the world of fine dining. Every part of the experience of watching such a master instruct us on making pure deliciousness was better than I could ever have (and did!) imagined.

Artichoke Barigoule Salad. Garnished with micro-fennel and blood oranges. Oh, and that sauce... like nothing I've ever tasted; I unabashedly used an entire baguette to sop up every last bit of it.

Cooking Class Lesson #1: Always garnish with micro-greens. Just so you can say "oh yes, those are micro-greens found only at high-end markets" with a French accent.

Handmade gnocchi. It was so light and delicate and yes, perfect. I dare say too much about it in case I should disturb the intricate balance of the fluffy pillows of potato and the herbed, light cream sauce.

Cooking Class Lesson #2: Buy a potato ricer; oh, and don't let your baked potatoes crystallize (whatever that means, I just know it's bad news in the gnocchi world). Ah, heck... just order gnocchi at 2941.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp. Oatmeal streusel and homemade vanilla bean ice cream?!? Needs no explanation.

Cooking Class Lesson #3: Buy tons of cute plates, in assorted shapes and sizes. As far as this amateur could tell, that was key to 2941's amazing food.

Cooking Class Lesson #4: Find and hire one of those people who brings all of your ingredients measured exactly and at the specifically appointed time, not too early, not too late. If anyone knows where to get one of "those" people, please order one for me - my dishwasher (thanks, Chris!) is good, but not that good.

The Chef - Bertrand Chemel. Undeniably talented Chef, humble and helpful guy. No wonder 2941 is so wildly popular with him at the helm.

Cooking Class Lesson #5: Make reservation at 2941 ASAP.


  1. I've always wanted to take a cooking class! But the ones I've found around here are at night when I'm working.

    So I'm jealous.

    And that gnocchi? YUM.

  2. Oh my... my stomach is growling just looking at the gnocchi...

    What a fun experience! I can't wait to see what amazing tricks you have learned!

  3. KARA. I just looked at that menu. I have to eat there when Brad and I are up that way. Chocolate spring roll! Foie gras! Oh, my.

  4. so amazing - I'm happy one of your dreams came true. way cool.


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