Saturday, June 04, 2011

Summer is Here!

week eight

(as it turns out, the times that I actually have the big camera out and have two hands to take pictures are few and far between these days so click on the links to see some less good photographically-speaking pictures that are parentally-speaking just as memorable)

- Turns out Miller, like the rest of us, loves cookouts and long weekends... hence Memorial Day was a real hit with him as he attended his first cookout and learned how great short work weeks (and the extra day with daddy) are

- We finally caught one of Miller's smiles on 'film' this week, though about a week ago (at around 6 and 1/2 weeks), we were willing to say that he was smiling regularly - which as any experienced parents know is one of the greatest things ever

- This week brought the celebration of yet another family birthday... this one was Nana's!

- Miller and I continue to get out regularly (thank goodness for that) for walks with friends around the neighborhood... usually accompanied with visits to see the 'older women' in the area (i.e. most of my friends have daughters and they are all about 6 months to a year older than our guy)

- Thursday brought the end of our Bible study until the fall so we celebrated with tons and tons of other kids and moms at an end of the year brunch nearby - and boy did those cute kids love baby Miller

- Over the weekend, Miller made an appearnace at his first graduation party when we attended our neighbor's high school graduation party... hopefully he won't remember it so his expectations aren't set too high

Saturday, May 28, 2011


week seven

Perhaps I will be able to keep up with this a little better if I change formats... that's what parenting is all about anyway, right... adapting?  And I assume no one is here to read my diatribes about losing pacifiers anyway - and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to write about something other than parenting... one of these days!  So here we go...

- Miller wore his first sunglasses (and didn't seem to mind them!)... though they were actually his second pair.  This pair courtesy of Uncle Ben and Aunt Kat... and we'd be remiss to not mention how incredibly good Uncle Ben was with the little guy (please come back?)

- Mr. Monkey (who hangs from the bars on Miller's playmat) has officially been named his best friend, with Mr. Elephant coming in a close second (depending on the day and/or mood)

- We celebrated another family birthday this week... and I must say that our little boy treated me well with a fun dinner out and a great day spent together

- Miller had his first backyard with the sprinkler day on Thursday - he mostly just snoozed and watched his two girlfriends play in the water table and sprinkler (cutest ladybug sprinkler head ever) but hopefully it was the start of a long friendship with summer afternoons spent outside

- As sad as this is to admit, this week marked my first real re-entrance into the kitchen... and it wasn't nearly as hard or bad as I anticipated - I think the worst part was realizing the whole time that I actually hadn't cooked for almost 2 months

- Probably the most fun event of the week was the opening of our wonderful neighborhood pool and our first cookout there - again, Miller wasn't wowing anyone on the diving boards but soaked up the atmosphere and he's sure to make many more appearances there

Saturday, May 21, 2011


week six

Well, thank goodness.  Life has not jinxed us even after being so bold to say that it almost felt like we were falling into a routine... and finally succumbing to our new normal.  And to be honest, I don't know why I was fighting it so much because this life, being a mom, really isn't so bad!   

Thanks to our favorite, Sunday night, we took ourselves out to our first family (of three) dinner at Sweet Rice ThaiMiller slept the whole time and Chris and I enjoyed a nice, budget conscious, family dinner out.  

Tuesday brought us our first playgroup.  And another realization... that as much as we'd like to think playgroups are for the kids, they are really for the moms.  That's not a bad thing, though... the kids get to socialize and expend some energy and the moms get to well... socialize!

Besides the playgroup, I've confirmed that getting out of the house for any errand really helps to keep me sane.  It also makes me pay closer attention to the pocketbook because I'm more apt to spend money but once I realized that my errands needed to be necessities rather than just somewhere to go (and spend more money), I was able to make good use of our time AND get out of the house with the little man.  We routinely hit up Babies R Us (for necessities, returns, or gifts - babies are popping up everywhere these days!), Target, the grocery store (including Trader Joe's of course), and some random stores thrown in here and there.

Miller also discovered just how much he likes to lie on his cushy puppy mat.  This is not a first-time momma bragging but it definitely seems like he has a preference for the fluffy mat as he constantly runs his hands through the fur of the puppy and reaches for the puppy's head almost immediately.  I love watching him discover new things... even if it's by accident. 

Besides our family dinner out, one of my other favorite parts of the week was my night out for Mexican (!!) with some girlfriends.  I even splurged and got a margarita.  One thing's for sure, being a mom makes you appreciate evenings like that one more than you thought possible.

We also had our very first, very cliche fatherhood moment. (bear with me here)  One night this week, Miller's pacifier was misplaced - only we didn't realize that it was missing until it was needed sometime the following day.  Chris was heading to a softball game that evening so he'd packed a gym bag of clothes and equipment early that morning which included the gray shorts he'd been wearing the day before.  Fast forward to the following night, in a rush to get home from the game, Chris accidentally left his gym bag at the field but it was thankfully picked up by the coach of his team.  While coordinating picking up the bag (and at this point we were in a full-tilt panic because Miller's favorite pacifier was MIA), Chris had to ask Kevin, the coach, to open his bag, find his gray shorts, and see if there was a, uh... pacifier in the pocket.  Lo-and-behold, it was there... and I got a good chuckle hearing the phone conversation (and seeing Chris' associated expression).  I would have paid a pretty penny to see Kevin's face on the other end of the line, as he's a single guy living the good life in Arlington (single ladies, I have a very eligible bachelor for you). 

Later in the week, a friend (mom-to-be of Miller's future buddy, Anderson) and I headed to a fun neighborhood down the road called Del Ray to hit up some kids' consignment stores.  I was hoping to find some clothes for Miller for far into the future (i.e. after he turns one) but quickly discovered that I have no clue what little one-year old boys wear.  Overalls?  Jeans?  I walked away almost empty-handed... save for a miniature pair of swim trunks and a 0-6 month hat.  And as much fun as checking out cute consignment stores was, the highlight of the trip (other than the company) was a stop in the Dairy Godmother for some frozen custard.  To say I'm obsessed with frozen custard would be a drastic understatement.  

As a final parting shot to week six, Miller attended his first family baby shower... for another friend-to-be, Nathaniel. It was a perfect kid-friendly occasion and a super fun afternoon spent preparing for another little buddy.

Another week has passed... I dare say we are having a good time at this family-of-three thing!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Now I Understand

week five

Don't call me a drama queen but for the first time, I actually get (really get) why parents have a day designated just for them.  And I'm not saying that I deserve this hallowed day but just that I officially understand what it's all about.  Parents (those who've been at it a lot longer than yours truly) certainly deserve a day (or 300).

That aside, my first Mother's Day (though I admit that I felt like an impostor the whole day) was fantastic.  Low-key but special.  Our morning started with my two favorite boys bringing me breakfast in bed followed by church... the first time we were brave enough to sit through the whole service (we even sat in the front, though not by choice).  My only request for the day was a stop by my favorite Heidelberg Bakery and that was quickly fulfilled on the way home.  And finally, after a few leisurely hours at home, we headed to celebrate Andrea and Chris' daughter, Sarah, and her baptism, with a delicious cookout.  I'm not sure how I imagined being a mom on Mother's Day would feel but it was pretty amazing to realize why I'm now 'allowed' to participate in the big day.

Mid-way through the week, although it marked the 4.5 week point, found us at our pediatrician's for Miller's big one-month appointment.  I never imagined how nervous his doctor's appointments would make me but I'm a wreck heading into these things.  Miller, however, was fine... of course.  The calm, cool, and collected men in this family seem to counterbalance this crazy woman.  He's in the 75th percentile all the way around (height, weight, head) and has been gaining about an ounce a day putting him at 10 lbs 5 oz.  And he was a champ as he got part two of his Hepatitis B vaccine.  I credit Miller's easy-going-ness at the appointment to his dad being in attendance as well as the fact that I'd attended my first Babes with Babes Bible Study that morning where I prayed long and hard for the little guy and his health (... and my health and spirits were lifted being around tons of other moms 'in the same boat'). 

Miller is getting more and more time on his tummy - and while he doesn't absolutely love it, he seems to put up with it, at least for a while.  He's been getting super good at lifting his head up for long periods of time, both to the side and turning it forwards and back again.  (it's the little things, right?)

Mother's Day was not the only special day this week as the end of the week brought about Miller's first family birthday celebration - it was his Grandpa's special day and he celebrated it in style. 

We capped off the week with a relaxing weekend (as relaxing as they get with a to-do list that just keeps growing and an adorable 5 week old in the house) that included a quick trip to our farmer's market where Chris and I couldn't help but succumb to the delicious French bakery vendor (we'll blame it on some friends we ran into who recommended such a thing) and freshly ground sausage (Buffalo bourbon and fennel!!).  Miller was enamored as usual as he slept his way through the winding stalls and wafting smells of beautiful produce, fresh pastas and sauce, and delicious baked items. 

With another week in the books, I dare say it almost feels like we're getting into a routine.  Miller and I get out at least every other day for an errand or an outing and as long as the weather holds, take walks at least once a day with him happily dangling his feet and arms in the Bjorn.  I think I am finally settling into my new normal and am loving it.

Saturday, May 07, 2011


week four

It's true, this whole year will be filled with firsts... I realize that.  But still, I like to celebrate each and every one (that I remember, that is... sadly they are already slipping away).

Also fitting to share and remember... something a wise friend shared with me recently (that you experienced moms have probably heard).  "The days are long but the years are short".  I've thought about this many times in the past few long (but so short!) weeks - every time I bemoan not having gotten more of this or that done (sorry blog... thank you notes... ) because I was spending time with our little guy, I am (sometimes) able to give myself a break realizing that I can never get this ever-so-fleeting time back.  Sigh. 

Now that we can move on from that moment of first-time mom sappiness - we'll move on to riveting events like our first trip to Giant.  Sure we've been out and about... Target and Babies R Us had long-since been conquered, but momma and Miller hadn't yet conquered the grocery store (truthfully, I'm not sure how we've avoided it all these weeks).  The trip was altogether uneventful until an innocent man shopping nearby started hacking a lung seemingly on top of my 4-week old baby.  Germa-phobe I am not but we quickly moved out of his way

Another equally momentous occasion was the donning of Miller's first official 0-3 month outfit.  In all honesty, we could have marked this event quite a while ago but I was holding fast to a few newborn outfits that I adore.  The little guy still gets stuffed in those on occasion but we've expanded his wardrobe in the meantime.  I can hardly believe, though, that there is already a rapidly growing pile of clothes he's already grown out of.  

Later on in the week, Miller made his first official appearance (complete with motorcade) downtown on the Mall and coincidentally, his first (alumni) Wake Forest softball game.  He and I were mere spectators but we cheered Chris and the team on wildly (as evidenced by the picture above - yes, there's a little Miller deep in that carseat). 

And we were especially happy to be able to finally give him a tub bath since all remnants of umbilical cord had left us... after all, he was going to be making a number of special appearances (ha!) throughout the week. 

We closed out the week with a few happy visits from family and friends... great-aunt Sondy, and cousins Laura and Debi came from all over the metro DC (and Richmond) area.  Megan, Ashley, and Piper, came over to check on things.  And Kevin, Angie, and Iris, stopped by from Baltimore.  

Of course having parents who would eat Mexican food every day if they could, it was only fitting that Miller take a break from his his usual routine and celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style, at a neighborhood gathering, complete with a margarita in hand. He also slept through a rousing Kentucky Derby party Saturday afternoon but was proud to hear Animal Kingdom had taken the crown. 

Week four was by far the most social of Miller's weeks thus far.  Party or not, we are certainly enjoying every moment with our growing little guy... all the while attempting to remember each of them.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Settling In

week three

On our own... and survived to tell about it.  I don't mean to be dramatic - or even say that I'm doing something spectacular here (heck, we have multiple friends with quite a few more than one child in their care so clearly I'm just barely breaking ground), but rather documenting that the day when my super duper helpful parents abandoned us (ha!) has come and gone.

The first day of week three also marked Miller's first Easter... and it was sadly uneventful, noticeably without a visit to church, even, as these newbie parents were too chicken to make Easter our first showing back in the pews.  Miller was the recipient of a small Easter bucket from his parents and a beach bucket from his grandparents - both containing adorably small versions of very useful items like a shovel, Trumpette socks (they really are the best although Jeffries are a close second!), an Easter-story book, and sunglasses for an appearance at the beach later this summer. 

Not to be overshadowed by such a Holy holiday was Miller's first nap with Granddad.  Since Granddad is the expert in all things 'nap', it was only fitting that he introduce the young lad to the world of "watching TV with your eyes closed" (minus the TV).

We also marked week three with the less photogenic event of Miller's umbilical cord (stump... the larger part has been long since gone) finally saying its last goodbyes.  And with that, came daily bouts of tummy time and the start of a (diapering) lifetime of cloth diapers (which have already been an adventure, should anyone care to hear about it).

And I'd be remiss not to include an outtake from our very impromptu and unprofessional photo shoot that I staged in the backyard.  Not quite announcement (or frame) worthy but we happen to think this guy gets cuter each and every day - mouth-open (fly-catching) and all.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trading Places

week two

Moving right along seemed to be the theme of week two.

It was off to a great start with Miller's first Easter egg hunt - and boy, was he good at watching the older kids chase down those eggs... it must have been soothing to the little guy because he saw about 0.3 seconds of the festivities before falling into a deep sleep for the rest of the afternoon.  

He also made his first official appearance in our local Target.  I dare say he doesn't remember much as we ran there mid-nap time, but we did show him the $1 aisle to get him started on learning about frugality. 

Then we hit Thursday.  This time it was the new momma's turn to be sick.  Thursday night brought light-headedness and feverish feelings which apparently were the precursor (God's warning?) to Friday morning's 101.9 degree temperature.  Parenthood apparently gives a sense of urgency so it didn't take more than 5 minutes for yours truly to be on the phone with the doctor and shortly after a quick appointment, antibiotics and Tylenol started working their magic.  Crisis averted. 

Just as fast as week one started, week two was over.  I can already tell this is going to go by way WAY too quickly.  I may or may not have asked Chris a few times how to make sure our little man stops growing and never wants to leave home but gotten less than adequate answers so I guess I'm left to continue soaking it up for as long as I can.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


week one

Miller Joseph joined our little family April 9, 2011 at the early hour of 3:07am.

Our first week together was quite eventful - perhaps not exactly how I saw week one of parenting going but we made it.

After arriving home from the hospital, we soon learned that our sweet little one was jaundiced and would require daily pediatrician visits.  Along with those visits came a whole new set of vocabulary including "bilirubin" and "bili-blanket"...

Miller was more or less quarantined to his nursery attached to his "space suit" and affectionately named our "blue light special".

Along with the bili-blanket came daily heel pricks - which, we think, he took like a champ.

Thankfully, on the morning of his seventh day - our doctor delivered Miller's news of freedom.  His bilirubin levels had fallen completely and he weighed in above his birth weight.  Must be a new parent thing because we literally high-fived and I almost hugged the doctor. 

And so went Miller's first week.  Doctor's appointments and all, we couldn't be happier that he's finally arrived.  Parenthood is already the hardest job I've ever had but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

*looking for less words and more pictures?

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