Monday, December 04, 2006

The Ultimate Sibling Rivalry

The first weekend in December has come and gone... if you've known my family during any part of the last 9 years, you know this means that we've just returned from the annual Army-Navy Classic.

This year, not unlike years past, the common theme throughout the various Army and Navy spots (spirited "commercials" put together by the Mids and Cadets) was that while it seemed like a lot being played for on the field, there is much more at stake... the freedom and safety of our country, and honoring those who are preparing to go and ensure the liberties we take for granted continue for generation after generation.

With that said... the competition on the field is intense as all other games during both Army and Navy's seasons are merely warm-ups to this final showdown.

The outcome? Navy prevailed... even after Army put up a good showing during their first drive. And we enjoyed a great weekend in Philadelphia... from a rainy Friday night at Jim's for cheesesteaks and then the Naked Chocolate Cafe for tasty treats...

... to a beautiful, crisp Saturday at the game, followed by an absolutely delicious meal at La Viola (THANKS, Carolyn, for the recommendation - we will definitely be back!!).

I'm proud of our Mids (GO NAVY) but above all, I give thanks to the bigger team down on the field and what they are ultimately fighting for.

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