Sunday, February 04, 2007

2007 Farewell Tour

At approximately 1AM EST this morning, thanks to Scandinavian Airlines, Christy Parker arrived in her new home for the next 2-3 years... Copenhagen, Denmark!

Many people can say that they have friends who've moved away (i.e. left them stranded), but I'm going out on a limb to say most people have not had friends who up and decided to head for Scandinavia... Copenhagen of all places. Of course, when your friend works for Maersk (officially A. P. Moller-Maersk Group), this doesn't seem so unusual. After about 4 years, spent rising through the ranks business development at Maersk Line Limited, Christy has decided to head across the pond (literally) for a job at Maersk's headquarters in Copenhagen.

So how do you send one of your best friends off for a new job in Scandinavia? Stacey and I started by throwing Christy a send-off bash two weekends ago... complete with much Maersk propaganda (including Maersk tattoos, pens, keychains and the famous Danish butter cookies) and whatever Danish food we thought sounded edible (no pickled herring). As a loyal employee and supporter of Maersk, Christy and I donned the fashionable Maersk button-downs to keep the "look" of the party 100% Maersk. Stacey, our resident scrapbooker-extraordinaire, organized everyone to complete a scrapbook for Christy... entries included anything from travel tips, sentimental good-byes, or just a favorite (or least favorite) picture reminding you of Christy. A big huge Thanks! to everyone who made this evening special... and especially to those who made guest appearances... Christy's parents en route to Mexico from Chicago/Wisconsin and other friends who came in from Atlanta and Charlotte! Next in what will be known as Christy's 2007 Farewell Tour was the MLL party hosted at co-worker Barney's home in Clifton, VA. Christy was allowed to invite a friend or two, and after hearing about all of her Maersk co-workers for the past 4+ years, I wasn't about to miss this. I was not disappointed - even though I don't have the pictures to prove it... Barney had QUITE the European spread and it made for a very nice evening toasting Christy and another co-worker, Katie, also heading across the pond.

After numerous other "last" lunches and dinners, Stacey, Christy and I planned one last hurrah at Tallula - a mere 3 days before Christy was scheduled to take off. We all indulged in their tasty butternut squash, parmesean, and balsamic salad followed by a round of delicious entrees. Towards the end of our meal, we were pleasantly surprised to find other new and old friends also enjoying a meal at Tallula and quickly merged tables with them to make an evening of it. Saturday was Christy's last official meal in the great US of A... Jeff, Chris, and I joined Christy at Lost Dog to cement the memory. Then it was off to Dulles to deliver Christy into the hands of the Scandinavians.

Follow Christy's adventures on her blog.

Good luck, Christy!
We'll miss you, and I'll see you in Scandinavia soon!

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