Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kevin and Angie!!

Even though it's only about an hour away, I haven't had many opportunities to explore Baltimore in my 5+ years living in DC. But without Kevin and Angie, that time would have been even less... and significantly fewer fun Memorial Day cookouts and explorations of Fells Point, to name a few.

So this weekend, we attended their beautiful and fittingly "Baltimore" wedding! The rehearsal dinner was held at Helen's Garden, a cute restaurant (once we found it) in the Canton area of Baltimore.

Both Kevin's parents and Dan gave very personal toasts - which made the evening so special for the soon-to-be-wed couple. It seemed like no one wanted the fun evening to end... we managed to close the house down... which sadly meant both Angie and "mom" couldn't get their night-caps.

Friday, the guys went to conquer Kevin's wedding-day challenge of running a mile in less than 6 minutes - followed by some hanging out and relaxing before the big evening. The wedding was that night, at 7pm - or thereabouts - at the beautiful Belvedere Hotel.

Chris and John G. gave the two remaining best men toasts - and both brought the house down. The rest of the evening was full of dancing and fun... and many memories made for Kevin and Angie's special night.

Congratulations, Kevin & Angie!!!

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