Sunday, February 25, 2007

Worth the Try...

I have to believe that my little Annabelle doesn't blame me for not thinking to have her professionally groomed until she was well past 3-years old... after all, I grew up with a short-haired dachshund, and we didn't even own a brush for her! Plus, I thought I was getting another short-haired when I picked out AB some 3+ years ago... (excuses, excuses...)

That aside, Annabelle (willingly, or not) spent a lovely 3 hours with "Auntie" at the PetSmart grooming salon yesterday (while I educated myself on how to teach ele. children to read at the next-door B&N); she came out with a much more manageable coat of fur and even little bows in her ears. Though AB is decidedly not the "bow type", I let her keep them in until she'd had enough.I must say... whatever shampoo and/or conditioner they use at PetSmart - it smells a heck of a lot better than AB's usual flea-tick repellent shampoo... maybe I should investigate.

Then some unexpected but beautiful snow (about 6 inches of it!) joined us this morning...

And, Annabelle is NOT one to turn down the opportunity to "romp" in the snow... plus, if you throw it (in this case, her purple ball), she will follow. But then we end up with this... (yes, all that snow is actually STUCK to her fur!)And the 3-hour grooming session was all for naught... oh well!

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