Sunday, April 29, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We had the best time yesterday (even though our boys on the field came up one run short) enjoying the late-spring (finally!) weather... taking in the final game in the Nats-Mets series. Thanks SO MUCH to Tim and Jo for inviting us... from the pre-game barbeque in your adorable Capitol Hill backyard to the GREAT seats at the game - we were spoiled!!

Except for the fact that it's almost 20 years later, so many things about yesterday's SUPER fun day at RFK reminded me of being at the Braves' former home, Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, in the late 80's... including the the stadium only 1/2-full (which is actually a good showing for us - maybe more attendance at the new stadium next year??) and a bunch of young players on the field hustling and lots of GREAT effort (though sadly, most Nats' fans are oblivious and just want results... taking a page right out of Atlanta fans' playbooks).

Speaking of players who are known for their great effort... since our seats were literally about 5-rows back from the Nats' dugout, I joined the little kids behind the dugout and begged my way into a Nick Johnson autograph. Yes, he's on the DL and is almost ALWAYS is on the DL... but just wait, once he's healthy, you'll know it. Ryan Zimmerman might have the looks but Nicky-J is my favorite.

The afternoon could not have been more perfect... except that it was a little warmer than any of us were expecting... but we did manage to make it up on the big screen, gave a big high-five to ole' George, and got up close and personal with silly Screech (I was so tempted to jump on the dugout roof and dance with him... how do you get chosen to do that anyway?).

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