Sunday, April 22, 2007

25 Hours in DC... PRICELESS!

Thank you MAERSK!!

Even if just for a tease of 25 hours (and a packed one, at that!), A.P. Moller sponsored a whirlwind tour of the greater Washington, DC, area for "the one who had previously abandoned us", Christy Parker.

Between 3pm Saturday and 4pm Sunday, we managed to get Christy a hair cut, wait for and eat Mexican at none-other than Cactus, drinks and desserts afterwards chez moi, (BREATHE) catch up with a friend before church followed by learning that we are allowed to run around like crazy on the Sabbath from Lon at McLean, see our friends' 6-day old teeny, tiny adorable baby, Sophie, and then one last stop for a late lunch with more friends while enjoying the beautiful DC weather at Jetties in Georgetown (must have - the Long Pond salad) before she caught the train up to Newark for the real reason (or so Maersk thinks!) she came back to the Red, White, and Blue.

Trend alert - babies everywhere! I'm surrounded!!!

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