Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hometown Hero

So if it wasn't enough that one of my old hometown friends piloted a plane in this past year's Army-Navy game fly-over... another Atlanta-area US Navy big-shot has stepped up.

This past summer, a friend of my family's was named to the elite Blue Angel squadron. My high school's very own Lt. Frank Weisser!

It seems that this new-found status has afforded him some pretty neat and unique experiences... most recently, he took former NFL star, Terrell Davis, up for a 'spin around the block'. *Click on the picture below for the clip showing the football star passing out due to the g-forces.

If anyone knows what business some ex-NFL players have going up with the Blue Angels, let me know!

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  1. Your friend are famous!

    Here's the link to my recipe. It's listed on the "recipes" section of the site, but not in the labels because it's found on my old layout! So not that easy to find! They are REALLY good.


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