Friday, February 22, 2008

Too Far?

Might as well get this out in the open... I am 100% one of "those" people! Nope, not the people who dress up their pets (never, ever, ever... ), or who take their pets with them to the grocery store in their purse (though my mom might be able to provide some insight into the world of canine carrying cases).

But, after I was sent this link to Shine Pet Photos, a pet photographer... I'll admit it - I looked at the prices and thought "wow, that's not horrible... maybe one day!" Truth be told, though - I attribute that more to the talent of this photographer (who's a friend of a friend - so maybe I could work a discount!) than wanting a professional photo shoot for my sweet Annabelle... or maybe - well, she IS really cute.

Take a look for yourself and you'll see... I'm not so crazy!


  1. oh kara, that's precious! what a great site!! and 1 week til your wedding, so fun! we're thinking of y'all & praying for you during this special time!

  2. Who wouldn't want a professional photo shoot?! I'm sure that Annabelle will charm the camera!
    We wish you the best on your wedding day and we're sure that it will be amazing and memorable!

  3. Has the big day come and gone? I wasn't sure of the date, if so! I can't wait to see pics. I'm sure you were a beautiful bride!

  4. kara! CP updated me on your wedding- so beautiful! I just entered the blog world and have a link to your page from mine...the inspiration is to put up recipes, etc. Good to see pics of you and Congrats on the big day!!


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