Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Fancy Dessert at Kiki's??"

Sadly, there was nothing fancy about the dinner OR dessert that I whipped up for my favorite (okay, only) nephew's visit but it's not too hard to fool a 2.5 year old (though, admittedly, he did know that broccoli was NOT dessert!).

But it was a fun evening nonetheless... save for a quick passing-through-DC lunch with my brother, I hadn't seen Jacob, Charlie or Robyn (+ baby girl Wallace) since our wedding in early March. And, sadly enough, time just passes way too fast, especially with the little ones. Charlie is more active and enthusiastic (we'll call it) than ever... he seemed to enjoy the dessert of a slice of Cast-Iron Skillet chocolate chip cookie* and vanilla ice cream, topped with homemade hot fudge sauce.

*this is a fun version of your everyday chocolate chip cookie... just be SURE to add enough whipping cream and I'd recommend decreasing the cooking time to right around 30 mins

Despite hearing the words "Charlie, do we play with things that are fragile?!?" a little more than my heart could stand (the house is absolutely NOT kid-proofed at this point), how can you not love a little guy who still remembers your wedding and says his favorite part was "candy [that we had to bribe him with to put on his tux] and the party bus"?!

See you soon, Sophie, Nana, and Granddad!!! *sorry, Mom, you know Sophie's always first


  1. Man, that looks good. I'm craving sugar like you wouldn't believe these days!

    (And baby girl wallace? yay!)

  2. I figured it was a niece on the way - you aren't a Wallace anymore, right? Charlie is SO cute. I can tell he adores you!

    And yes, I'm doing SOME cooking, but some days are just rough. Today is one of those - I just feel so sick! But I'm almost 29 weeks so it will be over before I know it!


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