Saturday, May 10, 2008

Been Smelling the Roses...

Okay, so they might not be roses... but one of the things I've been doing while neglecting my little blog has been admiring my flowers... and since I have ZERO to do with their growth, I feel okay bragging about them.

Let's just put it this way, while I LOVE our yard and spending time gardening and making things grow, I still have a LOT to learn; a few weeks ago, I was about this (picture me with my fingers VERY close together) far from yanking what I called "those ugly reddish stalks" out of one of our flower beds.

Thankfully, a quick call to my cook/baker/gardener "goddess" (yup, my mom) saved my peonies' lives... and what a SAVE it was!!

*Who knew flowers as beautiful as these just popped up when the time was right and bloomed just because I begged them to?! You can find me reading a lot of this to make sure these beauties come back year after year!!


  1. Kara, your peonies are GORGEOUS!!! I'm positively jealous!

  2. they look amazing - i have nothing but dead boxwoods here!


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