Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bursting Out All Over

Spring is here - and maybe even summer (heck, it was 90+ degrees today) although I prefer to think that we didn't just skip right over one of my favorite seasons.

So back to it...

Doesn't this nest that we found today doing some yardwork just scream "Spring" and "new life" to you!? Well, it does to me.

And you know what else it screams? "Weeds!!" And "LOTS more yardwork!". Both considerably less fun to say and even worse to think about.

I still love ya' spring, but could do without the side effects.


  1. Yeah, sometimes I really miss having no yard until I remember weeding. Hang in there, kiddo! :)

  2. Good thing I'm in the city - lol - gotta love the urban life. We don't have gardens and weeds - lol. Good luck though...


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