Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm tired. Nothing more to it. Just plain ole' tired. Course it goes without saying that our gray weather isn't helping either but enough with the excuses.

You'd naturally think, then, that I don't have a lot to say (possible but not probable - any statisticians out there?)... or better yet, how about a no-brainer, perfect for people who are tired, recipe. And even worse (watch as I throw myself under the bus)... I've made this before! Here, right before your eyes. I believe this may constitute the epitome of laziness.

HA! (laughing to myself) It's worse than I thought.

When I first introduced you to these yummy Celebration cookies, they were just that... cookies. Would you believe, though, that almost all cookie recipes are just as good, sometimes better (and 100 trillion times easier - that's a precise calculation), pressed into a 9x13 pan and extracted as bar cookies?

It does require the slightest bit of tweaking - cooking times, temps, whatnot - but nothing an amateur like me had any trouble with... so you are sure to master it in no time.

*Tweaks to original recipe:
- Spray, butter, choose your own adventure - just prepare your 9x13 baking dish to avoid any sticking
- Bake at 350 (usually 25 degrees less than your recipe calls for)
- Start with the baking time for the cookies, check them at the end of that time and adjust from there (these took just under 35 minutes)

Speaking of non-traditional cookies... if I mysteriously disappear from here one day, it'll be due to a delightful overdose on these.

Oh - I should mention that I did actually get these (and a few other treats) in the mail to my latest Baking GALS recipient... finally (and late, of course). But hey, that's something, right?


  1. Just consider an updated archive file. Lots of the "big" bloggers do it all the time!

    So hey. You're in the big-time now.

    Looks VERY good.

  2. OOOH they look good--I'm a sucker for fruit filling of any kind.

    Well except figs. I dont' like those.


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