Saturday, April 04, 2009

I Didn't Even Know There was a Movie Called Stripes

It's not too often that I delve into the world of home decorating (and dare I call it "design"??) - at least not on here - for all the world to see (and comment and critique!). Generally, I'm too timid to open myself up for that kind of ridicule.

But (you knew that was coming!) there's one room in our house (okay, maybe two - but I'm doubtful that the second will ever make an appearance here) that I absolutely love - actually bordering on being proud of it.

*before I go farther, I must give all the design credit to my mom (sure, others have done this too - and probably even before her, but I got the idea from her and it's my blog so I get to give her the credit)... and then kudos to Chris for minimal complaining as he did the lion's share of work to make this possible

Onward! I now present the walls of our dining room!

This post is actually long overdue so we've been enjoying these beautiful walls and the subtle effects of the stripes for quite a while now and I have to say, it was worth every bit of the effort.

Speaking of that effort...

Yes... we measured out the walls of the entire room and taped (using a "laser-leveler", the technical term, obviously) at an even interval - painting every other strip. Thankfully our house is quaint (if you've ever house-hunted, you know seeing "quaint" in a listing means older and often with the added bonus of small rooms) so this process only took about 3 days, but knowing that we could have stopped with the initial coat of paint that took all of 2 hours to apply made this extra special.

This is one of the only rooms in our house that Chris routinely comments on and has even been heard saying that he thinks it looks "great" - so that alone should tell you that we love how it came out. I do recommend having a hearty supply of your husband's (or whoever you can lure in to help you) favorite beverages on hand - although staring at that sea of blue tape encasing the room made me feel like an animal at the zoo and I have always loved zoos...


  1. You are SO lucky. I wanted Brad to strip Cash's nursery, but my request was met with a firm "no." (He hates to paint much less paint stripes!)

    But one day I will have my (horizontal) stripes. One day...

    Your room is beautiful!

  2. Love love love love love. I feel privelaged that I got to see it with my very own eyes!!

  3. Kara, that looks so GREAT! I love the color too!


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