Monday, August 24, 2009

A Book of Memories

Some people just have a gift, and lucky for the rest of us, they decide to make it their full-time job. In this case, that person is our wedding photographer (Kara, really, talking about your wedding again?... didn't this happen like a year and a half ago??), a man and his staff who I have sung praises of before.

As it turns out, not only does Mike have the gift of being a 'more-than-words-can-describe-talented photographer', he also knows how to assemble quite the team of folks to make the pictures he's taken (though they really didn't any help) and make them sing. *yes, I really did just say that - I'm feeling poetic

So, a year and a half later or not (disclaimer here - the time lapse was utterly our fault, we procrastinated as long as possible having to down-select just a few of the 1000+ pictures), this gorgeous album is currently (and will for a long time) making yours truly quite happy...

It tells the story of our big day exactly like I remember it in my head... lots of my embarrassed laughing when the photographers had me doing all sorts of bridal poses, and the friends who stood by us as we made it official, to the touching and personal toasts (including more...and more laughing) and special dances (and songs!) at the reception.

I couldn't ask for a better momento of our once-in-a-lifetime. The day was perfectly 'us' and I think our album says that to a "T".

*A HUGE thanks to Mike Moreland and his staff.

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