Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wild and Wonderful

Alternate title considered but quickly dismissed: Yes, We Actually Went to West Virginia on Purpose

If you aren't local, then you may be fortunate (ah-hem) enough to not recognize "Wild and Wonderful"... buuuut, for the rest of you, just know I'm right there with you.

Then, why the post? The not-so-subtle title? The quaint and historic Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, was the destination for Chris and my recent rendez-vous. Note: the term "rendez-vous" was used purely for dramatic effect; we arrived together at a locale that we'd never been to so...

I'm kinda (read: completely) obsessed with getting out and seeing it all - and somehow Harper's Ferry had always been on that list so there we were. And... if you're noticing a trend of not-too(or at all)-glamorous but still getting away from it all destinations for celebrating our wedding anniversary, you'd be right-on.

You read that right... we urbanites left all that the greater-DC area offers (a great deal still undiscovered by us) and headed to none other than West Virginia for a memorable day, full of history and reminiscing about our day.

In the end, comical as it was that I dragged us out to West Virginia when there are more than enough ways to commemorate special events just minutes down the road, the outing couldn't have been more us than if I'd planned it that way on purpose. A destination yet unexplored, quite inexpensive (you know that had me sold from the start), close enough for a relaxing day trip with no need for an overnight (note the prior comment about it being inexpensive), beautiful, lightly covered in left-over snow (great for my continued mascarade as a photographer), an occasion to force ourselves outdoors (fortuitously, it ended up being one of the warmer days of our late, over-extended winter), and what capped it all off... Annabelle was invited, and even welcomed!

Alas, as this is a blog occasionally dabbling in food-related posts, I feel obligated to tell you that you might not visit Harper's Ferry in search of a foodie paradise. Still go... but rather for the defining history (best told by this guide who we spent over three hours with, learning about each nook and cranny of the once bustling and important Civil War town), beautiful vistas, and (many) moments of mountain-fresh air.

Now that you've heard all its accolades, can you really blame me for our trip? Chris and I had absolutely no complaints ('course I did feed him homemade pizza and now two year old frozen cookies the next night, as tradition dictates, on our real anniversary). And with that, I must add that I do believe probably now more than ever before, that there truly is someone designed to complement each of us... as I couldn't have asked for a better spouse over these past two years... who else'd follow me down all of the crazy roads I've dragged Chris and do so with a smile (and a coupon!).

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  1. Congratulations! I've only driven through W. Va. (and been unimpressed; it seems so dreary in the winter) but maybe I'll give it another shot!


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