Saturday, April 16, 2011


week one

Miller Joseph joined our little family April 9, 2011 at the early hour of 3:07am.

Our first week together was quite eventful - perhaps not exactly how I saw week one of parenting going but we made it.

After arriving home from the hospital, we soon learned that our sweet little one was jaundiced and would require daily pediatrician visits.  Along with those visits came a whole new set of vocabulary including "bilirubin" and "bili-blanket"...

Miller was more or less quarantined to his nursery attached to his "space suit" and affectionately named our "blue light special".

Along with the bili-blanket came daily heel pricks - which, we think, he took like a champ.

Thankfully, on the morning of his seventh day - our doctor delivered Miller's news of freedom.  His bilirubin levels had fallen completely and he weighed in above his birth weight.  Must be a new parent thing because we literally high-fived and I almost hugged the doctor. 

And so went Miller's first week.  Doctor's appointments and all, we couldn't be happier that he's finally arrived.  Parenthood is already the hardest job I've ever had but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

*looking for less words and more pictures?


  1. A huge congrats to you guys! He is so precious and little!!! Glad to hear he is doing well! :)

  2. Congrats! What an adorable sweetie!

  3. YAY! I love this picture of the 3 of you. And Miller is just adorable. What a nice head of hair he has! Enjoy these snuggly-days! Glad to hear that Miller's bilirubin levels are now great and he is gaining weight - nice work!

  4. He is SOOOOOOO adorable!! I'm thrilled to hear he is doing well...hopefully week 2 will not be quite as eventful!! :)

  5. congratulations kara, chris & sweet baby miller! what an incredible first week - so thankful to hear all is well and week 2 is off to a great start... to miller: we're so looking forward to watching you grow, and to meeting you one day hopefully soon! you are so blessed to have kara & chris as your mommy & daddy!

  6. He is beautiful, Kara and Chris!! You definitely hit the ground running, don't you? Praying for you all in these first few precious weeks! Love from the Leonards

  7. So glad he has turned a corner ... the jaundice/feeding journey is a tiring one. Know that you have some empathy coming your way from NC ... Miller is gorgeous. Can't wait to meet him in person!

  8. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! the picture of the three stevensons is amazing and precious!!

  9. This is a great blog. Would you be open to exploring sharing your story on my blog? I rent bili blankets. Your story and photo's would be a great education for web viewers.


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