Saturday, April 30, 2011

Settling In

week three

On our own... and survived to tell about it.  I don't mean to be dramatic - or even say that I'm doing something spectacular here (heck, we have multiple friends with quite a few more than one child in their care so clearly I'm just barely breaking ground), but rather documenting that the day when my super duper helpful parents abandoned us (ha!) has come and gone.

The first day of week three also marked Miller's first Easter... and it was sadly uneventful, noticeably without a visit to church, even, as these newbie parents were too chicken to make Easter our first showing back in the pews.  Miller was the recipient of a small Easter bucket from his parents and a beach bucket from his grandparents - both containing adorably small versions of very useful items like a shovel, Trumpette socks (they really are the best although Jeffries are a close second!), an Easter-story book, and sunglasses for an appearance at the beach later this summer. 

Not to be overshadowed by such a Holy holiday was Miller's first nap with Granddad.  Since Granddad is the expert in all things 'nap', it was only fitting that he introduce the young lad to the world of "watching TV with your eyes closed" (minus the TV).

We also marked week three with the less photogenic event of Miller's umbilical cord (stump... the larger part has been long since gone) finally saying its last goodbyes.  And with that, came daily bouts of tummy time and the start of a (diapering) lifetime of cloth diapers (which have already been an adventure, should anyone care to hear about it).

And I'd be remiss not to include an outtake from our very impromptu and unprofessional photo shoot that I staged in the backyard.  Not quite announcement (or frame) worthy but we happen to think this guy gets cuter each and every day - mouth-open (fly-catching) and all.


  1. Awe he is def a cutie! :) Yays for naps with the napmaster! :)

  2. So cute that he snuggles up with your dad! Sam and Maggie still snuggle with PapPap (my dad) every chance they get! It's priceless!

    Yay for cloth diapers! We also do cloth and are sure it will work well for you too!

    So glad that week 3 went well! Love the Trumpette socks!

  3. You have an adorable little lad there - and he has a great name too!

  4. SO cute. And I'm so glad to see these updates! I know how exhausting that first month is, though, so I'm super impressed.

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