Saturday, May 07, 2011


week four

It's true, this whole year will be filled with firsts... I realize that.  But still, I like to celebrate each and every one (that I remember, that is... sadly they are already slipping away).

Also fitting to share and remember... something a wise friend shared with me recently (that you experienced moms have probably heard).  "The days are long but the years are short".  I've thought about this many times in the past few long (but so short!) weeks - every time I bemoan not having gotten more of this or that done (sorry blog... thank you notes... ) because I was spending time with our little guy, I am (sometimes) able to give myself a break realizing that I can never get this ever-so-fleeting time back.  Sigh. 

Now that we can move on from that moment of first-time mom sappiness - we'll move on to riveting events like our first trip to Giant.  Sure we've been out and about... Target and Babies R Us had long-since been conquered, but momma and Miller hadn't yet conquered the grocery store (truthfully, I'm not sure how we've avoided it all these weeks).  The trip was altogether uneventful until an innocent man shopping nearby started hacking a lung seemingly on top of my 4-week old baby.  Germa-phobe I am not but we quickly moved out of his way

Another equally momentous occasion was the donning of Miller's first official 0-3 month outfit.  In all honesty, we could have marked this event quite a while ago but I was holding fast to a few newborn outfits that I adore.  The little guy still gets stuffed in those on occasion but we've expanded his wardrobe in the meantime.  I can hardly believe, though, that there is already a rapidly growing pile of clothes he's already grown out of.  

Later on in the week, Miller made his first official appearance (complete with motorcade) downtown on the Mall and coincidentally, his first (alumni) Wake Forest softball game.  He and I were mere spectators but we cheered Chris and the team on wildly (as evidenced by the picture above - yes, there's a little Miller deep in that carseat). 

And we were especially happy to be able to finally give him a tub bath since all remnants of umbilical cord had left us... after all, he was going to be making a number of special appearances (ha!) throughout the week. 

We closed out the week with a few happy visits from family and friends... great-aunt Sondy, and cousins Laura and Debi came from all over the metro DC (and Richmond) area.  Megan, Ashley, and Piper, came over to check on things.  And Kevin, Angie, and Iris, stopped by from Baltimore.  

Of course having parents who would eat Mexican food every day if they could, it was only fitting that Miller take a break from his his usual routine and celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style, at a neighborhood gathering, complete with a margarita in hand. He also slept through a rousing Kentucky Derby party Saturday afternoon but was proud to hear Animal Kingdom had taken the crown. 

Week four was by far the most social of Miller's weeks thus far.  Party or not, we are certainly enjoying every moment with our growing little guy... all the while attempting to remember each of them.


  1. Oh I loved the first bathtubs. It was so sweet! :) Yes I was terrified to take my dahlin out when she was just born. She was born in January though, flu season or something. Awful. What a precious baby :)

  2. You're doing better than me! That first month? Pshaw. I didn't get a thing done (and no letter to C. to prove it!) And the grocery store! You're one rockin' mama.

  3. love hearing about those firsts ... keep getting out and about - it's kept me sane and Charlie interested. I'll miss seeing you all at Memorial Day!

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