Saturday, May 14, 2011

Now I Understand

week five

Don't call me a drama queen but for the first time, I actually get (really get) why parents have a day designated just for them.  And I'm not saying that I deserve this hallowed day but just that I officially understand what it's all about.  Parents (those who've been at it a lot longer than yours truly) certainly deserve a day (or 300).

That aside, my first Mother's Day (though I admit that I felt like an impostor the whole day) was fantastic.  Low-key but special.  Our morning started with my two favorite boys bringing me breakfast in bed followed by church... the first time we were brave enough to sit through the whole service (we even sat in the front, though not by choice).  My only request for the day was a stop by my favorite Heidelberg Bakery and that was quickly fulfilled on the way home.  And finally, after a few leisurely hours at home, we headed to celebrate Andrea and Chris' daughter, Sarah, and her baptism, with a delicious cookout.  I'm not sure how I imagined being a mom on Mother's Day would feel but it was pretty amazing to realize why I'm now 'allowed' to participate in the big day.

Mid-way through the week, although it marked the 4.5 week point, found us at our pediatrician's for Miller's big one-month appointment.  I never imagined how nervous his doctor's appointments would make me but I'm a wreck heading into these things.  Miller, however, was fine... of course.  The calm, cool, and collected men in this family seem to counterbalance this crazy woman.  He's in the 75th percentile all the way around (height, weight, head) and has been gaining about an ounce a day putting him at 10 lbs 5 oz.  And he was a champ as he got part two of his Hepatitis B vaccine.  I credit Miller's easy-going-ness at the appointment to his dad being in attendance as well as the fact that I'd attended my first Babes with Babes Bible Study that morning where I prayed long and hard for the little guy and his health (... and my health and spirits were lifted being around tons of other moms 'in the same boat'). 

Miller is getting more and more time on his tummy - and while he doesn't absolutely love it, he seems to put up with it, at least for a while.  He's been getting super good at lifting his head up for long periods of time, both to the side and turning it forwards and back again.  (it's the little things, right?)

Mother's Day was not the only special day this week as the end of the week brought about Miller's first family birthday celebration - it was his Grandpa's special day and he celebrated it in style. 

We capped off the week with a relaxing weekend (as relaxing as they get with a to-do list that just keeps growing and an adorable 5 week old in the house) that included a quick trip to our farmer's market where Chris and I couldn't help but succumb to the delicious French bakery vendor (we'll blame it on some friends we ran into who recommended such a thing) and freshly ground sausage (Buffalo bourbon and fennel!!).  Miller was enamored as usual as he slept his way through the winding stalls and wafting smells of beautiful produce, fresh pastas and sauce, and delicious baked items. 

With another week in the books, I dare say it almost feels like we're getting into a routine.  Miller and I get out at least every other day for an errand or an outing and as long as the weather holds, take walks at least once a day with him happily dangling his feet and arms in the Bjorn.  I think I am finally settling into my new normal and am loving it.

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