Saturday, June 21, 2008

Part Deux

To market, to market...

Off we went this morning in search of my second/our first farmers market - and besides the fact that I have no pictures documenting our trip (thanks to me throwing our camera across the floor in response to the beautiful loaves of freshly baked bread and piles of fresh produce everywhere), it was a success.

We walked away the proud-owners of some amazing-looking string and wax beans and a small container of some red potatoes. I used utter restraint in not filling our canvas bags of the homemade baked goods (10-grain bread!), local crabcakes (lots of crab, not so much cake!), onions and cucumbers (that's a short list of my favorite things that I saw there and will no doubt be back to get another weekend).

Sadly our next trip will either be an out of town market or one maybe sometime in late July but I'm hooked, either way. Even though I've quickly learned the prices are not the reason you join the masses at local markets, just the experience being around so many people with deep appreciations for great-looking produce and other homemade tasties has been enough for me... and absolutely a fantastic way to spend a summer morning.

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