Friday, October 13, 2006

It's My Party, Right?

I think as long as you can ADMIT that you made up a reason to post an entry, that you are okay and not overly obsessed... it's not like I post everyday, and this was undeniably important.

There are a couple of things I would like to address here... first, two plugs that I should have done long ago.
Carolyn is a SUPER talented friend of mine from college; she can basically make anything involving "art" beautiful - from painting to cooking and baking. She's sold a number of her paintings and has been featured in a number of art shows all over Texas.

Paige Gialanella Graphic Design -
Paige is another old friend from Wake Forest (yikes, friends from college are now "old" friends??); she has started her own freelance graphic design business and already has quite the portfolio.

But what REALLY provoked me to log on this crisp fall day... well, it all started last night, when my little pooch was sleeping wrapped up so snug in my red fleece blanket (thanks, Megan!). It was then that I realized: a. I don't take nearly enough pictures of little Annabelle and b. man, she just HAS to rank in the top 5 cutest dogs in the world. Take a look for yourself...

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