Monday, October 09, 2006

Jersey Jughandles

What other way is there to celebrate Columbus Day than to post about learning the ins and outs of Jersey jughandles?!

*I had to give myself a full 48 hour respite from experiencing these anomalies before posting, otherwise my frustration would have been too evident.

First, though, I must say that really nothing could take away from the beautiful wedding that we attended up in Cherry Hill, NJ, to celebrate the marriage of Jennifer and John, friends from Baltimore.
After getting stuck in Delaware Memorial Bridge construction traffic on the way up, we were not prepared for the "No Left Turns" in all of NJ (or so it seemed), though with our luck, we should have been. But we did finally master driving in Jersey, made it to the ceremony and reception... and in the end, thoroughly enjoyed our quick jaunt through the Garden State.

Oh... and since my blog started as an ode to tasty treats... I thought I should recognize Angie for teaching me the value of a good White Russian, as well as the bartenders who mixed up superb chocolate martinis.

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