Monday, October 30, 2006

365 Days Later...

Now that I've been an aunt for just over 365 days, I have at least one nugget of wisdom to impart to the world... if we all thought and acted more like the adorable children we were at age 1, the world would be a far better place.

With that ... on to some good stuff about one of those adorable children.

Jacob (my brother!) and Robyn have done quite a job raising little Charlie over the past year - I think this picture says it all...

And, what a year it's been... Charlie weathered a long move across the country at age 2.5 months, lived then in North Carolina while his dad was away training, and finally settled into his home in Columbia, MD - he's quite the smart little guy, not to mention the sweetest little angel (I like to think my strict "aunt-ing" regiment has had something to do with Charlie's demeanor, too).

To celebrate Charlie's 1st, we all gathered at Jacob and Robyn's, toting along more presents than Charlie knew what to do with.
Robyn had made cute pinwheels and centerpieces out of Charlie's favorite snack, Puffs! Charlie quickly got the hang of opening presents (with his dad's help)... And he did his best to keep everything clean and orderly...He even got his first helium balloon... courtesy of his grandparents down in Atlanta... But the real fun was yet to come... birthday cake time. Robyn made a cute 1st birthday cake; Charlie was hesitant at first but proceeded to almost literally dive right in.

Then on Sunday, after Charlie's dedication at church, we all enjoyed the beautiful fall weather... and a preview of Charlie's chicken costume for Halloween!

I can hardly believe Charlie's first year has come and gone!!

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