Monday, October 02, 2006

Five Years Later

1) We are still tailgating... ... but now with personalized "Deacon Dew" cups. And we no longer follow "Wake football game attire" rules - donning black and gold, and jeans! Okay... well, some things never change... Anna ALWAYS looks cuter than the rest of us.
This is new, though... cheering our football team to a 5-0 start!

2) We still celebrate formal occasions in the Mag Room...

... except that now we wear nametags - and some of our names have changed!!!

3) Our friends own homes with cute kitchens where they host us for brunch!

And brunches start by toasting mimosas!

4) We still find things to laugh about while enjoying a Cook-Out shake...

But then we remember it's our 5-year reunion and take a more responsible picture.
The Cook-Out experience post-college is MUCH more enjoyable as no one cares how many calories or fat grams are involved!

5) We finish off a fun weekend stuffing ourselves at Midtown... ... but now we block the dolphin fountain standing in front of it, instead of around it with the hopes of sending the picture to the Trident.

6) But in the end, I remember we are alumni... and go searching in the Hanes Mall Deacon shop for new jerseys for the Deacon alumni softball team back home in DC.

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  1. Kara, Jayne shared your blogspot with me so I could see the pictures of the weekend. Sounds like you had fun! I am sorry I didn't have a chance to see you - maybe next time you're here ...!

    Mom Walker


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