Monday, March 05, 2007


I can say with some authority that I have never had so much to celebrate as we did this past weekend...

It all started with a surprise dinner for Kristy's 30th birthday. We all gathered at the restaurant around 6:30pm and waited for Kristy, Linwood and little Kate to arrive. I'm not sure how surprised she was... but she did manage to turn the surprise around when she and Linwood announced that they are pregnant!!! A sibling for Kate will arrive this fall! Congrats, Hudsons!!

After filling our bellies with yummy Mexican appetizers and a marg or two, Chris and I headed to Baltimore and met some friends at the Thirsty Dog Pub (you can bring your dog to this bar!!), and then headed to The 8x10 to see Ben's band, Written Prisms. The band is breaking up, sadly, so we didn't want to miss this one last celebration. The show was great but the trip made for a very late night.

Saturday evening found us celebrating Brandon's birthday with some more friends. I think there's some rule about not divulging ages past 30, so you'll just have to take my word for it. About 10 of us enjoyed dinner together and then a ton of others joined us for drinks; thanks to the kind couples who moved tables so that we could make room for our growing (and loud!) group. Some of Chris' college friends were in town - so we left dinner and headed to Hamilton's on Capitol Hill. Ian and Franny were there celebrating with some of their friends and since by this point, our trend for the weekend was established, we couldn't pass it up.

Finally... Sunday was Jacob's 30th! I haven't had family anywhere close in recent years - so I jumped at the chance to celebrate a family birthday (and to see my nephew). I had gotten Jacob a few small presents, but I think the last minute additions were probably his favorite... a box of Samoas, a 6-pack of Mike's Hard Lemonade, and a freshly made Toll House pie. Robyn added his favorite snacks throughout the afternoon and finished with Jacob's requested shaved-turkey and cheese subs (think steak-and-cheese but with healthy turkey!). It was just right for the birthday boy...And, in honor of his dad's birthday... Charlie hammed it up for the camera!!

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