Thursday, September 27, 2007

And Not a Moment Too Soon

Sure, things might be insane right now... planning a wedding, cleaning out and selling a house, buying our own house, to name a few... you name it, we're in the middle of it.

However, we can ALWAYS find time for the special hour-long season premiere of "The Office". Besides American Idol (anyone know when the new season starts?), this is my only "must see" show (I know, I'm not female or American since I've never seen an episode of Grey's Anatomy - did I spell it correctly, Christy?) and in the midst of such chaos (albeit all very exciting things), tonight's premiere will be a welcome break.

Scranton or bust!!!


  1. TOTALLY jealed out that you get to watch the office tonight and I have to wait for a few days until i can buy in on iTunes....ugghh, stupid broadcasting licenses prohibit people outside the US from watching online. But can't wait to watch next week's episode from North Carolina!!!

  2. I, on the other hand, have never seen an episode of The Office! I've seen all of Grey's - LOVE it - on DVD. Since I work at night I never see anything when it's actually on TV. We just finished Heroes on DVD, too. AWEsome.

    Didn't know you were buying a house! Fun!

  3. I am watching it right now with my mystery friend...also - Idol starts in January - rock on.


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