Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Prepared for Fall

In my perfect world, the subject of this post would indicate some really fun and delicious new fall recipes... but alas, the last time I really cooked or baked is a distant memory at this point (although there is talk of actually breaking out real ingredients and a recipe tonight - do either of these Raspberry-Balsamic Glazed Chicken or Caramelized Onion Chicken sound good?).

For now, though, my excitement for fall surrounds my adorable nephew, Charlie, who once again graces the "cover" of my blog. This time he was showing us how he's prepared to help around the house once the leaves come tumbling down... (rumor has it that Charlie saw someone blowing leaves outside one day and later decided to put together this "costume" all on his own)

I just can't get enough of my almost two-year old cutie. *And this also serves as proof, to any of my pregnant friends, that toys are totally unnecessary for kids - look what the imagination can do!!

*Quick update - I saw someone reading this Washington Post article about apples and apple recipes which made me crave fall cooking even more! Stay tuned for more on these delicious (sounding) recipes!


  1. He is a doll! Such a cutie. And I agree about the imagination - I used to babysit two twin boys who also loved their "leaf blower" - one of those swimming-pool noodles cut in half! Hilarious.

  2. hey kara, yummy chicken recipes! i'm doing a breaded italian chicken tonight with pesto & marinara, will let you know if they're any good :) also, i made orange cranberry cream scones yesterday and banana pecan muffins for work and thought of you! hope you're well and enjoying this fabulous fiance time! :)

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  4. I can't find your email address. Send me one and I'll tell you all about it. Note: I didn't make anything! My mom's best friend is Martha Stewart Part II and she did my wedding and Elaina's.

  5. Did you get my email? And FIVE months! Get crackin'!


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