Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

So... it's officially well-past Halloween, AND Thanksgiving is looming around the corner... I believe I can now declare the holidays in full swing. And with that, I had no qualms (admittedly, it wasn't even close, I've been listening to Christmas music on the internet for weeks already) spending this morning decorating a gingerbread house for my Jr. League's upcoming annual fundraiser, The Enchanted Forest (quick plug - come join us THIS weekend at the Westin Arlington Gateway).

I believe, much to my mom and my pleasure, that I have finally figured out how to use a lot of candy while the house still resembles, well... a house (!) but might also (the key!) be appealing to the eye.

The real test will be how much it will go for in the auction (you'll recognize my little house in the amateur division, obviously... begging to be sold)... which brings me to another, related issue: in the past, my house hasn't necessarily been the first to go; the more familiar scene is my house sitting by its lonesome hours after the gingerbread house village is closed up for yet another year. I finally realized this year that I think the families who decorated their houses in the workshops go back to The Enchanted Forest and bid on and buy their own houses back! So... to save face, should I do the same? Or, leave the fate of my house in someone else's hands?

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  1. Great gingerbread house! Good use of primary colors. I say this goes for...$4.99. Just kidding. I'm sure it'll be a show-stopper this weekend. Junior Leaguers will be fighting over it. I foreshadow a food fight. Too bad I won't be there to witness it...or participate. I know exactly who would be the first person I aim at. :)


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