Saturday, November 17, 2007

So Generous

I have been overwhelmed by the amount of generosity around me this weekend... I attribute this in some small way to the fact that it's the holidays but more so, I think I'm just lucky to know a lot of people who are willing to donate their hard-earned money when a great cause is at stake.

First, I lead a group of 13 Provisionals ("new members") in the Junior League of Northern Virginia (insert all your jokes about the Jr. League here - we're used to it) and for our annual fundraiser, we are expected to host a tree in the "forest". This year, the group selected the theme of a "baby tree" (or two, as it may be); last night, before the entire event kicked off, we met and decorated our tree... and I was absolutely overwhelmed by the level of giving of each of the women. We covered not one, but 2 trees (and had fun while we were at it!) that will be auctioned off (that ARE being auctioned off - as we speak!) with all proceeds going to our focus area, preparing children for success. Now we just need some equally generous donors to bid on and buy our tree(s) so that the League can use the money in our community.

And then... in an extreme case of generosity, someone has decided to take my little gingerbread house home! I found this on my house last night!!!

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