Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Hours in the Day?

In my (very un)professional opinion, it seems that everyone experiences increased levels of stress (ones I am currently facing, as well) brought on by the holidays. This bothers me, though, on a number of fronts; a. I am 100% positive that this was not the original purpose of "The Season" and b. it's the holidays! Can't we just enjoy them?

With that said, I'm calling in the troops, i.e. the many, MANY people out there who have lives so busy that I can't even imagine. I see people like this everyday... ones living incredibly insane lives but all the while, they somehow manage to get their Christmas shopping done, Christmas cards well-written and out the door, and without ruffling a feather, still find time to create adorable little homemade gifts (things for neighbors, kids' teachers - not that I have kids, etc.).

But HOW!?!

I keep getting emails tempting me to "private shopping events" such as this one at Pottery Barn and I wonder... is this how they do it? They get invited to a couple of these special events and get to the malls before they open to take advantage of them thus freeing up the rest of their day? Do they manage to still bargain shop or just give up on shopping around in the name of saving time?

I can make it to the mall after work, no problem... but on those nights, I find myself getting home around 10:30pm, scrounging for something to eat (hence the lack of yummy dishes appearing here), and finally... oh right, sleep... that happens around 12:30 or 1am, if that early. This just can't be normal. Am I just not productive enough in the time I have? There must be a better way.

I really want to stay in the holiday spirit but it's getting harder and harder.

For my friends who are loyal readers... Christmas cards ARE coming out this year, but I hate to say there will be no cute picture collage with recipe or long hand-written note as in years past... rest-assured, I will be back next year, though!

By the way, it's still not too late to send thanks to the (the real) troops!

*An update, already... though, is that picture for real?

**Ask and you shall receive, apparently!


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  2. more hours in the day?! i wish, too :) let me know if you find a way to stretch 24 into 30+ one saving grace? pilates... i love it- keeps me calm and helps me recollect my thoughts after a crazy day :) you are so amazing to do all you do, kara! i'm not even cooking anymore these days ;)

  3. I'm in favor of more hours in the day. Is there a list I can add my name too? ;)


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