Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A New Twist

The subject "up there" is a bit of a misnomer... simply because I don't think the intention of this recipe was to become your new pumpkin pie, but in my house (another misnomer!) - looks like we might have a contender.

I went searching for a new quick & easy recipe using pumpkin last week because there was a chance we were going to walk up to our friends' house Sunday afternoon (only 7 houses away... LOVE having neighbors!) to watch some football and try Andrea's version of Polly Bergen's chili (really REALLY good, by the way)... and well, I always like to be prepared.

I must note that I believe I may have discovered a new measure by which recipes should be rated... two factors, actually; first, I initially whipped this up Friday evening and put it in the oven after which I promptly fell asleep watching TV and woke up approximately 2 hours later to a nice charred (thank goodness the condo was still standing) pumpkin cake-ish-something-or-other. The test was that even at this point, Chris ate quite a bit of it and pronounced it still good even grossly over-baked. Second, not including the first failed attempt, I have now made this same recipe twice in 4 days - this second time was for Chris' work pot-luck (my idea was something a little fancier but he wouldn't have it).

As for the dessert, I'm definitely not sold on having this on my Thanksgiving table instead of original pumpkin pie, but I'd have it on my table any other day (which means both that it's that easy that you COULD and it's also that good).

This also brings up a question... I know there are certain things that just 'make' my Thanksgiving (though I've been tolerant of others' traditions in the past few years celebrating with friends) - but when Turkey Day rolls around, what can't you live without?

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  1. Dressing with gravy. I could eat a plate of that and be happy. (To be totally honest I don't dig turkey. Don't tell the Thanksgiving police!)

    I've never made a pumpkin pie. Can you believe that? I have a cousin who always makes two or three of them, and her daughter does it now, so I've never had to. Perhaps I could try these bars for a different take on a classic!

    Looks yummy.


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