Monday, August 25, 2008

Who's Counting Anyway?

I'm still waiting on the official count determining how many dog years equals one human year... but since my favorite furry friend probably could care less about the actual numbers, it's best just left alone.

Accurate count of dog years or not, I couldn't miss a chance to say a big HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to our absolutely adorable Annabelle.

And to celebrate... a picture of our little girl doing what we believe she loves best, in a place that surely ranks in her top 5...

Happy Birthday, little 'belle... we love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Anabelle!! I can only imagine how fast 5 years goes by...this first nine months with Deacon has FLOWN! Deacon's hoping to get in some swimming action down in Key West this here's hoping for good weather!

  2. Happy Birthday Annabelle! Hope you're having a great day with lots of playing catch ad belly rubs.


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