Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Line and Sinker

I'm hooked!

Fun, easy, and (her's are) adorably sweet - I'm 100% on the cupcake bite bandwagon and it's left the station (how many more incorrectly used cliches can I cram in here?).

Let's put it plainly - I saw these, knew I had to have them one way or another and thought "while I'm not likely to make a cake resembling a baseball glove or tree laden with fall-colored leaves, this I might be able to do".

The best part is that these are so within your reach! Don't be intimidated
(do-not!) that you have to use a little candy mold or that you think you might need to buy any other special tools (you don't!) - heck, if I can do it, you can too - sure, my process and technique needs some refining but for a first attempt, I wasn't disappointed.

And go figure, PW is nice enough to provide step by step directions (from when everything-cupcake queen Bakerella visited a few weeks back) that hit the mark.

Lastly, I hate to tempt you like this, but if you think my attempts above are even remotely cute, do NOT click here... oh my gosh the cuteness is just out of this world. If you do risk it, though, remember I warned you... just sayin'.


  1. OMG! You can't write something like "don't click here" and then not be tempted to click! HOLY COW! The bunnies and eggs, so cute and SOOOO perfect for little kids. I must attempt to do these for Kate's class now. Oh you are so right! The possibilities are endless! Heck, whip up your magic and make some for Ashley's birthday party. = )

  2. I LOVE Bakerella. She is PHENOMENAL.

    Just Tuesday I started looking up cake-ball recipes. Then I see Bangin' Food made some. And then I come here and find yours!

    Great minds think alike.


  3. The first few times I made these - with other recipes - mine came out soft, too. So I was gunshy to try again.

    But this time it just ... worked. I did make sure the skins were all removed and the beans were very dry after I rinsed them.

    I think using enough oil is key, too. And I don't think I stirred them as the recipe says. I just let them cook. Next time they might fail me, but they were so easy and came out so right this time!

  4. These are hot - I'm loving this idea!


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