Thursday, October 08, 2009

And On the Weeknights...

Recently our nights have felt packed... with nothing extra special - just a few unexpectedly long days at work, a couple of evening meetings and the usual running around trying to accomplish a thing (or 47, if you know me). And I know I'm not the only one... no complaining here - these types of weeks somehow push me to be more productive - seems that the fuller the days (and nights) are, the more I try (being the operative word) and pack in.

On those harried nights, it's become much my norm to walk straight through the front door into the kitchen. More than once I've even found my work bag still attached while I'm already rummaging through the fridge to uncover the ingredients to my (hopefully) previously thought-out quick, easy, delicious and healthy meal (don't give me too much credit, though - my attempts at menu-planning often leave much to be desired).

Assuming that I've remembered to defrost two fillets ahead of time or that we actually have fresh salmon on hand (the former is the more likely scenario), this seasoning has played an key role on more than one of the aforementioned evenings. It simply doesn't get much easier than applying a liberal dose of this mixture of paprika, crushed red pepper, and a blend of herbs, to your fish. And best of all, in the amount of time it takes for the fillets to grill (or sear) to perfection, you can throw together a green salad or veggie to complete the meal.

I generally can't be trusted anywhere near the temptation of a Williams-Sonoma store but their Potlatch Seasoning is one of the only things that I will break policy for. And at just $9 a pop, even without a gift card, I will confidently march myself right into the store when we are in need of our next tin of "key-to-our-weeknight-meal-happiness".

*while I won't reveal exactly how long (ah-hem), I feel compelled to mention that our current stock has lasted us quite a while so I sadly haven't 'needed' to go to Williams-Sonoma recently


  1. I was in WS yesterday and saw the Potlatch! I might just have to get some next time I'm there! YUM.

  2. I've never tried any of their seasonings, but you make it sound great!

    I can't go in there unless I plan to spennnnnnd. Last trip I got a bench scraper, odd-amount measuring spoons, a new peeler (I have to admit they easily rust), and of course their mag of recipes! Thank goodness the last item was free.


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