Monday, October 12, 2009

Fairy Tale Dreams

I have this dream... this weird dream - that one day someone other than my brother and sister-in-law will let me, heck - dare I say even ask me - to take pictures of their kids. And/or (entire) family... the more the merrier. In this fairy tale, I'm confident of my abilities and knowledge of my camera and (get this) my gracious friends are actually excited to get their proofs back knowing at least one good shot will emerge. Hey, it's my dream... anything can happen.

'Course I'm a pretty realistic person... even in my imagination I'm not cashing checks from these activities, I'm certainly no professional. Fairly simply, I'm happiest in my dream when I can just get the picture I want, when I want it... and give friends and family the same service.

This dream, surely not unique in its generality, is the culmination of me figuring out that I love taking pictures - so subjects beware, I go no where without a camera these days, practice makes perfect, after all! The optimistic part of me keeps the dream alive... and along the way, I just hope that sometime I'll luck out and capture a moment, just how it happened.

*speaking of pictures...
honey and jam
Mike Moreland Photography
Pioneer Woman
Smitten Kitchen


  1. Those pics are AMAZING! Are you busy in April? :)

  2. We would love for you to take pics of us ANYTIME!!! You definitely have a talent with the camera!!! If you love looking at pics of little people like me, check out Sarah Buck's blog (link on our blog) or Georgia Lane's (link also on our blog - think you have seen that one before!)Charlie and Caroline are PRECIOUS!

  3. They're great! Esp. the last one; it's so sweet.

    I've been "hired" (for no pay. ha.) to take pics at my cousin's wedding rehearsal and dinner this Friday. Wish me luck! (I'm gonna need it. You know more about cameras than I do!)

  4. You are more than welcome to come and take pictures of my child(ren) any time! Charlie and Caroline are so adorable! Your mom is a very happy Grandma and you captured that perfectly!

    And you are right, I did not list "healthy baby" as an option in the poll. I should have. That has always been my ultimate goal!


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